A Great Brand and Marketing Plan

When Michael Jordan first picked up a basketball I bet he never dreamed that he would become the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. I bet he never imagined the Jordan brand would become one of the largest sports brands either, but it did. Michael has released countless shoes, including arguably the most well-known series, the retro series. His name alone and the “jumpman” symbol does a lot of the work when selling the shoes/apparel, but Jordan’s marketing team definitely has a lot to do with the brands success. By sponsoring some of the worlds best athletes like Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul the Jordan brand draws even more attention to itself. Along with the design team, these athletes create new models of shoes that are released to the public at various times during the year. Jordan’s marketing teams use the athletes and social media to create a major hype for the new products, making fans and customers want them even more. The Jordan site is also very easy to navigate, and is aesthetically appealing. If I could offer any advise to the Jordan team, I would say to make the homepage of the Jordan site a tad more appealing to women. Women are a very large audience because the Jordan brand is so respected and sought after by both men and women. Other then that, keep making the greatest gear and shoes ever made.


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