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The sport of beach volleyball is something that I love to play and watch. There is just something about being in board shorts, with your sand in the toes and baking in the sun that gets me going. I am blessed to be employed at Mangos Beach Volleyball facility here in Baton Rouge. They are currently the home for the Lady Tigers Beach Volleyball team.

Mangos has 11 lighted courts with a covered patio, outdoor bar and a nice grill. Mangos has been around for 18 years and has grown tremendously in popularity. They host a fall, spring and summer league that offers different levels of play Monday through Friday. During each league they host different draws, doubles and quad tournaments on the weekends. Mangos holds a special place for volleyball here in Baton Rouge, but the beach volleyball scene is growing in Louisiana as well.

Just to name a few, Louisiana has numerous other complexes like Laguna, White Sands, Coconut, Digs and Tropics. Coconut which is located in Kenner, Louisiana is the largest complex with over 100,000 square feet of man-made beach. Each of these complexes host regular leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

Beach volleyball wasn’t invented until 1927 when it became the principal sport for a French nudist colony. The first two-man or doubles game was not played until three years later in Santa Monica, California. Beach volleyball has blossomed since then and was added to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Some American greats in the sport are Karch Kiraly, Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser. Karch Kiraly is the only person with Olympic medals in both indoor and outdoor volleyball.

The AVP or Association of Volleyball Professionals, is major professional tour in the United States. The 2015 tour season is beginning in New Orleans this year. This is the first time in years that one of the main AVP events is back in Louisiana. This alone shows how much the love and appreciation for beach volleyball is growing here in the south.

My personal goal for beach volleyball is to improve every single day and possibly play on the pro tour in the future. Even though it is consistently growing in Louisiana, the biggest volleyball scene is out in California. The top players in the world train together there, and my dream is to be able to move out there and join them.

Beach volleyball is a great sport and I hope that it continues to grow in popularity for the years to come.


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