The Scandal of the Century…NOT

From Ray Rice knocking out his wife and dragging her out of an elevator, to Adrian Peterson spanking his child with a stick, the NFL likes to stir up drama that does not pertain to football. The “Deflategate” controversy however does.

This sad excuse for a football scandal began after the New England Patriots 45-7 win over the Colts on January 18th. According to the Washington Post, 11 out of the 12 footballs that the Patriots provided were recorded to have 11.5 psi as opposed to the regulation minimum of 12.5 psi. Apparently, this 1.0 psi decreases the risk of a fumble, allows for better passes and pretty much guarantees amazing catches (hint: sarcasm).

Players from the Indianapolis Colts responded to the controversy via Twitter stating things like, “They could have played with soap and beat us, simply the better team.” Rob Gronkowski the tight end for the Patriots went to twitter saying, “Warning, gronking may have caused deflation.” Gronking is the act of spiking the football Gronkowski does when he scores a touchdown.

The NFL has not done much of anything in the form of correcting or punishing the Patriots for their acts. The Patriots who have a history of misconduct will most likely skip off to the Super bowl untouched. According to a recent interview with Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, NFL commissioner Goodall is best friends with the Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He related the scandal to their relationship as a “conflict of interest.”

What the NFL has done is stir up a bunch of unnecessary news coverage that is flooding my news feeds and taking the attention off of the Super bowl. This Deflate-gate scandal has gained national coverage and will not seem to disappear. Saturday Night Live produced a skit poking fun of the entire situation.

The Patriots formally responded in an interview stating they have no formal knowledge of how the balls were deflated. The investigation which according to the NFL is supposed to last until after the Super bowl has had no real effects on the Super Bowl other than the negative press towards the Patriots.

The scandal in my professional opinion is a complete waste of air space and time. It is an excuse to create controversy. If deflated footballs is against the rules then they should be penalized for it, end of story. Then the beautiful football loving Americans like myself, can go back to the days when ESPN and other news outlets were not flooded with nonsense.

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